The Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Resales



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Banked Points

210 points coming on 6/1/19 (175 + 35 banked points from 2018, banked points need to be used by 6/1/20) and 175 points coming on 6/1/20. Priced at $163 per point.

132 points coming on 2/1/19 and 200 points coming on 2/1/20. Priced at $155 per point.

200 points coming on 9/1/20 and 200 points coming on 9/1/21. Priced at $162 per point.

240 points coming on 2/1/20 and 240 points coming on 2/1/21. Priced at $158 per point.

116 points coming on 4/1/19 and 300 points coming on 4/1/20. Priced at $145 per point.

44 points currently available and 60 points coming on 2/1/20. Priced at $158 per point.

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